Dear Parents and Carers,

Time is flying by at our school, thanks to the abundance of fun and learning. This week, some of our children embarked on exciting adventures using Now, Press, Play: a headphone set which encourages them to use their imaginations to visualise stories without screens. Please ask your children about it.  A big thank you to Mrs Barnes for organising this trial run!

A special shout out must go to our Year 6 pupils who have now completed their SATs. We know they have tried their best. A huge thank you to our Year 6 staff who have worked so hard to get the children to this point. So much effort has gone into early starts, Easter school, and interventions, giving our children the very best chance!

We are being regularly notified of online incidents happening outside of school via Snapchat and WhatsApp. This is a reminder that children of primary school age are not permitted to use these apps. Please see below for some guidance on parental controls and information about these apps. We spend a significant amount of time teaching children about online safety and have had many enhancements to our online safety curriculum from local secondary schools and the police. Parents, please ensure you are taking responsibility for your child's mobile phone use outside of school and if you require any further support, please let us know.

Finally… we are delighted to share with you the very happy news of the arrival of Daisy Clare Cresswell, the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cresswell, who was born on Monday, 12th May. 

We wish you all a wonderful weekend. 

Mr Dave Bostock and Mrs Sarah King

Attendance This Week . . .

Whole School - 


Best Attendance by Class

Early Years - Ash - 92.7%

Key Stage 1 -Chestnut - 94.5%

Key Stage 2 - Hazel - 98.9%

Special Mentions Table

Early Years News

This week we have made the most of the sunshine, sprucing up our outdoor environment ready for a summer of fun. The children in nursery and reception have helped to clean the outside areas, using PPE such as gloves to help keep themselves safe. They have enjoyed cleaning the bikes and the chairs. We are looking forward to using our outside environment for more learning and creating lots of fun memories. 

This week in reception, we discovered two imaginary creatures living in our garden! First, we found the Inkibons, who dwell in our garden tree. Over the weekend, they had a party and used up all their power, which comes from light. The Inkibons left us messages in their unique language, which we had to decode. They asked for our help to recharge. The children made power banks and lightbulbs, hanging them on the tree to attract the sun. Then, the Messiticks appeared. These mischievous creatures left rubbish all over the Inkibons' tree. As a class, we wrote rules for both creatures to help them live together peacefully. The children considered power sources, the effects of litter, kindness, and acceptance, using their imaginations to bring these creatures to life. In maths, we've been exploring tallying by asking our friends whether they prefer cats or dogs and by looking at the different colour cars in the car park. This activity has helped us count beyond 10 as we delve into the compositions of numbers 10-20. In PSHE, we're exploring our relationships with friends and how to manage our anger when our feelings are hurt.

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Key Stage 1 News

Year 1 have been superstars this week! They have shown brilliant imagination in their story-writing and impressed us with the progress they have made with their independent writing skills. They have been fantastic at identifying quarters of shapes and have worked hard to find a quarter of a quantity. They demonstrated their gardening skills when planting their own pea plants, as part of our science learning. The children have been eagerly observing their planted seeds, looking carefully for any signs of growth. It was an especially exciting week for Year 1 as we had a special visitor who came to see the children. As part of our RE learning about respectful communities, Mrs Lines' Nanny Sylvia came to talk to the children and answered the thoughtful questions they had written to ask her for her advice, such as 'What is the best thing you have learned in your life?' The children were polite, respectful and very enthusiastic to listen to her thoughts and even took the opportunity to ask her about life in the 1950s, following on from our topic of 'Childhood' earlier in the year. They behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school - Nanny Sylvia thoroughly enjoyed her visit!

In Year 2 this week we have been developing our story writing, using our class story 'George and the Dragon' to create some of our own wonderful stories. Our teachers have loved reading them and seeing the development of our story writing. In maths this week, we have been exploring unit and non-unit fractions and have used this knowledge to recognise fractions up to a whole. We have also been keen scientists this week, continuing to observe our experiments as we investigate what grass needs to grow and whether the size of a seed affects the rate at which it grows. We are looking forward to comparing our findings to our predictions next week. 

Lower Key Stage 2 News

This week the Year 4 have been working hard in all aspects of their learning. In English they have been preparing for their innovation, writing and boxing up their own story ideas. In Maths, they have been looking at hundredths and how you can represent them as a fraction and a decimal. The children had the opportunity to travel into an immersive world of Ancient Egypt by putting on the Now Press Play headphone. All the children were able to follow the audio description and act out the story. A big WELL DONE to all the Year 4 children you have been amazing this week.

Our Sponsor of Sport at De Havilland

We are very excited to announce the partnership between De Havilland and Diamond Gymnastics Club. 

Diamond Gymnastics Club have generously agreed to become our sponsor of sport. Their contribution will make a huge difference towards furthering the opportunities and development of sport provision here at De Havilland. 

Upper Key Stage 2 News

This week Year 5 continued to refine their athletic skills in PE, practising their hurdling before taking part in hurdle relays, then moving onto throwing skills, including the javelin. In history, the children studied the differences between life growing up in Athens and growing up in Sparta. They also compared the arts and culture of ancient Greece with modern arts and culture, before designing and making their own Greek mask. In English, we storyboarded a sequence of events to internalise our model text, before beginning to write sentences with dropped in relative clauses and 'ing, 'ed' adverbials. In maths, we looked at the language of degrees and direction, then classified, estimated and measured angles up to 180 degrees. In Science, we conducted experiments to see what happens when an acid reacts with an alkali and whether the change it produces is reversible or irreversible. In RE, the children considered what makes a good community and created a community of their own, considering values, rules, leadership etc. Well done for another great week, Year 5.

Our Year 6 update this week can only consist of a HUGE well done to our brilliant Year Six children! This week, they undertook no less than six assessments in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Reading and Mathematics. The attitude shown by each and every one of them was nothing short of outstanding. We are all excited to see out the last nine weeks of their time at De Havilland in style and have already begun preparations for our Year Six production of 'Peter Pan The Musical'. Auditions will be taking place next week so please support your child in any preparation they need to complete over the weekend.

Dates for your diary

Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May - Half Term 

Monday 17th - Friday 23rd June - National Sports Week

Monday 17th June - Years 5 & 6 Sports Day

Tuesday 18th June - Nursery & Reception Sports Day

Wednesday 19th June - Years 1 & 2 Sports Day

Thursday 20th June - Years 3 & 4 Sports Day

Wednesday 26th June - Hatfield Schools District Athletics

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